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H. Albert Corp to Release Strategic Acquisitions Program (SAP) 3rd Quarter 2015

Tampa, FL, June 16, 2015 – H. Albert Corp today announced the launch of their new Strategic Acquisitions Program (SAP).


About H. Albert Corp

H. Albert Corp is a Real Estate Acquisitions and Funding company that identifies opportunities that have arisen from the current dislocations in the real estate arena such as REO Bulk assets, Short Sales as well as Non Performing and Performing notes. H. Albert Corp consults with some of the top companies and leverages its expertise, contacts and credibility in order to overcome inefficiencies that might otherwise prevent unsuccessful deployment of capital in this sector.

H. Albert Corp firmly believes that committed capital represents the most-critical element of the economic recovery process. H. Albert Corp has committed capital for such opportunities that match their specific acquisition objectives. 

H. Albert Corp has relationships with lenders and servicers nationwide and are constantly seeking others for Real Estate Acquisitions. 

H. Albert Corp also have extensive relationships with qualified buyers who are actively seeking to purchase exactly these types of assets, yet do not have direct access to these pools. Thus the buyers engage H. Albert Corp to help them acquire these assets on their behalf from the originating sellers.


The Strategic Acquisitions Program (SAP) leverages its relationships with lenders for the advantage of our clients, serious SAP PROGRAM buyers. 

H. Albert Corp takes SAP PROGRAM buyers directly to the lenders to full fill specific asset buying criteria for acquisition of Real Estate assets. Buyers accepted to this program must have a minimum of $3M (USD) to deploy for acquisitions, be a serious and proven buyer, and be ready to follow the protocols outlined by the lenders and H. Albert Corp. A buyers profile and interview ensure that the acquisition process is obtained. 

H. Albert Corp will assist SAP PROGRAM clients in a full service program: from sourcing the assets, providing due diligence, assisting in review of valuations, interfacing with the lender, and all aspects through to the closing table. From time to time, vetted assets will be presented from non-bank sources (off market private sellers) to the SAPPROGRAM clients.


H. Albert Corp commitment is to meet the Acquisitions Goals of it's Strategic Partners which will assist in getting the Communities Stabilized in the Country.

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