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Private Equity Fund Foots the Bill For Investors to Buy and Sell Real Estate in 2 Brand New Location

- Breaking News -

Washington – A large Private Equity Fund is coming to both the Kansas City, MO and Salt Lake City, UT areas to identify and train investors to buy real estate. When asked in a recent interview why the company was willing to do this, the CEO, Lee Arnold responded, “We provide funding to real estate investors in key, pre-identified markets throughout the country. It is our desire to deploy more of our capital into these key markets through new, intermediate, and seasoned investors who have a desire to buy, fix, sell, flip, hold, or rent real property for profit. We are targeting both Kansas City and Salt Lake City because of the significant amount of opportunity these markets and their surrounding areas have to offer. However, we have identified the two main reasons people are not taking advantage of its incredible potential:

1. They don’t know how to, meaning a lack of education about the process, or

2. They don’t have the funds necessary to acquire these properties.”

Because of this, Lee Arnold and his large Private Equity Fund have teamed up with one of the nation’s premier Real Estate Investment Training companies to pay for YOUR tuition to attend one of these real estate investment workshops. Why? To teach you how to deploy his capital in sound and profitable real estate investment transactions, thereby solving the two challenges to real estate in one single event!

Just choose the event, either Kansas City or Salt Lake City, and take advantage of the Paid Tuition here:

They are willing to teach you the best practices of making money in the real estate investor space, while also showing you how to do it without using any of your own cash.

Why Kansas City and Salt Lake City?

The Private Equity Fund has chosen both the Kansas City and Salt Lake City areas because of their incredibly favorable markets. They feel the long term viability in these two areas are incredibly stable and favorable for both short term and long term investments.

Because they are an equity fund, they do not buy real estate directly. Instead they work with, and loan money to, real estate investors in chosen markets throughout the country for the sole purpose of building up their real estate investment portfolios. That is why they are willing to pay for your tuition to attend the only Funding Tour in the United States. Just go to and choose the location and grab your NO COST SEAT Today. Seating is limited so grab yours now!


David Callaghan from Charlotte, NC says: "I had expected to learn about funding but the additional marketing information is probably going to be the biggest take away."

William Ray from Harrisburg, PA says: "The Hedge Fund Round Table gave me a new perspective and enabled me to see the loan process from both sides. I now know how to better prepare and set up myself up for success when applying for loans.

Margie Dunki-Jacobs from Williston, VT says: "Real world value that no one else is teaching. It surpassed my expectations by a mile! No words to thank you enough!" Dale Treadway from Fredericksburg, VA says: "I personally enjoyed the privilege of learning from active investors who are currently doing deals." Mary Lynn Lawler from Raleigh, NC says: "This experience is by far the most comprehensive real estate investment course I have attended. Lee and his team are the most authentic individuals in the real estate investor business. The availability of funding is encouraging."

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