Hemp Farm Investment Opportunity - Florida

Cultivating CBG Hemp

Harvesting every 2.5 months.

We will have 3 rows,

4ft wide by 40ft long.

80 plants per row.

240 plants total per 2.5 month run.

Approximately 90-100lbs of high quality CBG flower for smokable consumption.

Flowers at this quality run for approximately $700-800 a lb retail. $400 - 500 wholesale. (50lbs+)

Income every harvest

Lowest #: $45k

Highest #: $72k

Buy in is $32k for 1 year returning $24k to the investor in 3 payments along with the initial investment being paid in 3 payments of $8,333.

The greenhouse is ready to go and the seeds have been germinated. The investment date begins on the first day of flower and we are on schedule.


This is an approximate timeline. Payments should not exceed dates posted above.

Payments do have the ability to be paid out earlier based off of harvest, production and sales.

For full business plan ask for NCND once signed and returned business plan will be sent out.

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