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Strategic Partners


One of H. Albert Corp's strengths is the aligning of interests of our strategic partners and those of the firm. This is not only true in principle, but in practice: H. Albert Corp has committed and delivered a significant amount of capital in this sector.  As a result of our close alignment, and track record of performance, we have built strong relationships with many of the world’s leading institutional investors.


Over the last 23 years H. Albert Corp has built long-term relationships with many of the leading institutional investors around the world. H. Albert has more than 50 limited partners, including Real Estate Companies, REIT's, NPO's, Hedge Funds, Charitable Foundations, Wealth Funds and other Investors in the US.

We never forget that our strategic partners as they are the backbone of our ventures.  We do this with integrity and vision to protect and grow their capital – and their ability to meet their acquisition obligations.


H. Albert Corp's Strategic Partners have more than 1 Billion in Funds to deploy in Real Estate Acquisitions in 2022.


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