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Strategic Acquisitions Program


The Strategic Acquisitions Program (SAP) is H. Albert Corporation’s flagship program. H. Albert Corporation leverages its solid relationships with lenders to benefit our clients – serious SAP Program buyers.  

H. Albert Corporation takes SAP PROGRAM buyers directly to the lenders in order to fulfill our clients’ specific criteria for their acquisition of Real Estate assets. Buyers accepted to this program must have a minimum of $500,000 (USD) to deploy for acquisitions, they must be a serious and proven buyer, and they must be prepared to follow purchase protocols set forth by the lenders and H. Albert Corp. A buyer’s profile derived from the buyer’s interaction with us ensures an effective acquisition process. 

From sourcing assets, providing sellers with due diligence packages, assisting in the review of valuations, to interfacing with lenders, H. Albert Corporation fully assists and supports SAP PROGRAM clients from the initial stages of the transaction through the closing.


From time to time, vetted assets will be presented from non-bank sources (off market private sellers) to the SAP PROGRAM clients.


H. Albert Corporation is committed to meeting an satisfying the acquisitions goals of its Strategic Partners, resulting in an equally great result - helping communities across the country stabilize and then flourish.


H. Albert Corporations Strategic Partners have more than $1 Billion in funds to deploy in Real Estate Acquisitions in 2022.


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